Short Stories

The Tunnels

I found myself heading back towards those dark tunnels. The darkness I loved so dearly once.. and will forever. I had left them, left the darkness and had given myself a chance – a mere risk – a risk to pursue the light I had just seen.. which had somehow reached these dying eyes of mine… I had seen light after so long I ran after it, leaving my belongings behind. Out from the tunnel. For light, for hope… even life.

And I reached the end! I was weary, thirsty and hungry. The light was blinding. Too much for my tired,hopeless eyes. They absorbed too much- I was soaked in light. Unable to fathom it all… I closed my eyes and let my body rest… Sun was warm… I had made it! What I felt today was joy… pure joy.

Someone.. who’s face I was never able to see in the blinding light, came forward. Gave me water. Gave me food. It was a company I longed. Company I had given up ages ago, shortly after I had retired to the tunnels. I ate and drank to my fill

It was a great moment. I was saturated with happiness and utter joy. My cheeks were flushed. So was the person’s sitting right beside me. Sun was high.

I started talking. I found my lost voice. But I had closed my eyes. It was much too bright. Too good. It was a good dream, and I wasn’t going to pinch myself…

Evening was approaching, Sun was dying. I could see so much now. And I was happy. But then my breath started to come uneven. Something was wrong. Was it the water I drank? Or the food I ate? I started choking. Clutching my chest I staggered for support. But there was no one around me. Sun had died, so had so much with it…

I staggered back ter the tunnel, choking, falling. Tears swam in my eyes. It was by nightfall I found my place. I went in. Sorry as ever. This time I covered the hole. The one that had let the light in. Made by someone who maybe had left before me. Someone who had let that that deceiving light come in

I had not gone far away when I saw three people coming towards me, they were holding my belongings. Seeing me, they ran forward… catching me just before I fell


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