Worst day of my life

Oh yes I hated physics

and now

I will hate it forever!

What… was it my mistake that among twenty roll numbers… Only mine from somewhere in between was sent to some other centre? Yeah… It has to be me EVERY STINKING  TIME!!!

We have this new system of examination now… all coded…. write serial numbers here write answer sheet number here then here then there and here again… Paper codes… Subjective sheet codes lalalala.

I did it all perfectly! Asked the examiner.. Ma’am my roll number is missing… “Oh dear sit down it must’ve been missed” she got me a seat… Settled moi down! From 8:30 to 9:45 I do my paper and outta NOWHERE a big beastly woman takes my paper away! Saying this wasn’t my centre! And it was their RESPONSIBILITY for Heaven’s sake! Just to run away from the consequences they turn me out of the place!!!

I had never felt so venomous… so angry in my entire LIFE! I shove away downstairs ask some teacher on patrol to help me out! I find the place and they tell me they have marked me absent and crossed my objective sheet already…

And I was thunderstruck… I had been working on physics for two blasted months and and my career depended on these exams I had been freaking out for so LONG!

Then that woman she gave me the crossed paper and stuff to fill whole of it again… And I solved the three hour paper in mere one and half  hours… But I did it.. where I found all that strength and speed from… I don’t know… I hope my paper survives… That I made no mistake.. May I ace it…. But it has been one of the worst days of my life… How I held myself together and did not breakdown… I have no freaking idea….


4 thoughts on “Worst day of my life”

  1. Are you serious ???? You could have mentioned. If i were you i would have collapsed .Our examination systems.I damn hate em.

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