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Life lessons… Never been so optimistic

Hey.. hey… hey

I have never been this way ever in my life… So whole hearted and even selfless (lol).. I have been tormented for ages… Hurt and bruised everyday by people I love. And now one person whom I loved more than my flesh and blood relations… was taken away by someone who once called me A great friend… I did a lot to save my position… Let out a lot of emotions I always hide… for this time again, they went wasted… But the point is… Its different now… for I see it much better…

Look. My God is her God too! I was put there so that my brother and she get together! She? oh someone who taught me how to hate and how to snatch away a person’s world away from him/her. Someone who left me bruised. Never mind. I always prayed that they stay happy.. my friends… and now she is happy and I cringe at it? Because it includes my pain? LOOK I was here because I was meant to be! I was removed from her life so my brother comes in and makes it way better! So what if my brother doesn’t think me as his baby any more? So what he ignores all my words? If that makes THEM happy I am cool with it! That’s what I pray for, right?

The problems arise when we think all about OURSELVES! If someone breaks us… it doesn’t mean the person has to be broken all the time in  front of  our eyes so we heal from that pain… Love begets love my dears… and so does sorrow, hatred and venom. I am gonna be cool now. Not gonna sulk in the corner for my place was lost… my brother took that place… it was MEANT TO BE this way! I am not gonna cry every night… I am not gonna ask Lord for anything bad… I am not gonna wish to die.. My brother punched a hole in my life by going away after her… But if it heals all the holes he has in his heart… If it heals all the hatred she possesses for me… If it makes them happy…Its worth it..

He can’t keep both of us happy… If me being sorrowful does the trick then WHY DON”T I BACK OFF?

I have now… dear ones… I have now


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