One Step Backward Taken

Not only sands and gravels
Were once more on their travels,
But gulping muddy gallons
Great boulders off their balance
Bumped heads together dully
And started down the gully.
Whole capes caked off in slices.
I felt my standpoint shaken
In the universal crisis.
But with one step backward taken
I saved myself from going.
A world torn loose went by me.
Then the rain stopped and the blowing,
And the sun came out to dry me. 

Indeed. I love Robert Frost.

Standing where I am… I see it all. See the world that just went ahead of me. From here I can see them all. The part of the world we see stationary around us.. wasn’t so always. It all ends one day. They all ran ahead. Crashing and smashing everything in their path. Can their silence give even the slightest notion of their past? Can their mute stillness explain the wonders of their travels? I saw them go ahead. I had stopped for a moment. Unaware of the fact that they had gone too far. In that stagnant moment I saw everything shake. But my feet dragged me away this time. I saved myself. Saved from the fate I just foresaw. The rain had been pouring hard for long. For long had it been washing away my tears and my sweat. The wind had been blowing so cruel. Turning rocks into sand. But with a step backward taken… I was just in time to meet the sun… With no one here to share the story… I guess its time to return.

Hah.  Long story short. Sire means…

I quit

For good….

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