Shifting to the new room!

Ah well.. this is exciting

I kinda feel guilty

Some of my relations… Two people actually.. Lived at our place here in the city. Now that they have completed their Masters in Economics… I guess they had no use living here but just paying the rent. So they decided to go back to where they came from… AND YAHOO! I got their room!

My previous room was actually the… baby room. For a tall girl like me the room had a cruelly low ceiling.. Too cold in winters and cool in summers =P Now this one is SPACIOUS I stuffed my thousand or so books which were previously suffocating in cartons and drawers! I just moved Ben, Arnold and Frank in. Oops. Ben is my computer. Arnold is my study table. And Frank is a collection of some gadgets. Digital stuff  blah blah. There is so much of … WALLS! I can paste all the crude painting and sketches I make now and then … But the best part is, now I did it all the moving myself (smug) and there is lot more air to breathe in! Previously the gigantic window used to open in the porch… Now it opens straight into the street! Well I’ll pass my free time well…

Well um I feel guilty because they might come in after few days to say a hi and they’ll be like ” Ah she was waiting for us to leave” well that was the case because they were awfully interfering but I never had an eye on their room =P well not until yesterday..

Now its just my cozy family here and with best neighbours in the world… I guess its time I thank God =)

It’s good to be happy. Its healthy


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