To Hitler

Well I so fairly remember once I and my best friend were sitting in our cold classroom, back in our strict missionary school. We were being taught by a very very strict English teacher… I began to hate the subject in those days. She was ok but duh sometimes she just blasted and acted so weird. Favouritism on top of everything. I and my friend used to talk in code language, scribbling over the sides of the book, pretending to take notes  And used to nod seriously when she looked at us expectedly. Ah well. I wrote a poem on her. Well we did many. But this one just crossed my eyes when I was reading my old diary:

Aye Aye Aye
Today I found
An excellent example
Of a hypocrite
A fanatic
A power crazed moron
An over sized bat
Today I found
A fair Frankenstein
A single-headed Fluffy
A compound eyed Aragog (not tame)
A fanged Flobberworm (they don’t have teeth)
Today I saw
A cracked Dame
A twisted loony
A cranky lobster
A raving maniac
Aye aye aye
I did not waste my day!

Very well. It sounds pathetic but that was an outburst of two dying students in a two hour long class of utter nightmare. Most of the terms are from Harry Potter… The morons we were then.. But hell Madam P.B and rest of the Convent people… you people did knock the hell out of us….And yes… I miss those days but with that friend still sticking to me… I can face anything…

3 thoughts on “To Hitler”

  1. Sadly, I do not really follow the Harry Potter series.. =(. You have a better sense of rhyming than I do =P

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