The Night Lights

Nothing pleases me more than slumping in the back seat of the car and thinking to myself. I wasn’t, maybe, born a writer but I always am writing in my mind. Formulating the experiences and stories of my day in pet language. And I can never pen down what exactly I write on day one. The language I then use is so alien.. the one I put out is too simple..

The night lights always give me intense satisfaction. The place I went wasn’t the sort which gives you creeps during night. I saw lights whirling past and I looked them in the eye.. I could feel the shine that bounced off my lenses. I passed mosques and churches down there.. Each one of them were bright. Someone might be praying in there.. And who knows it was the reason I felt so content with my life at that moment..

I was out to shop for my diary. Pity I finished this one within few months. The shop was so poorly stocked that I wanted to ransack the whole place. But I was quiet.. and so content. I chose a bluish grey one this time. A colour I never chose before. This will be interesting. Because it is blended with some purple. These colours represented wisdom, friendship, trust, myself and a bit of brevity. Or maybe that’s what I was feeling then… and now.

I so wanted to buy Bernard Shaw but as I was bankrolling the whole thing so I guess I didn’t bring enough money and Mum won’t lend me some and I wasn’t gonna ask my neighbour (who had given me the ride). So there. Plus there was a big Journal-type thing but it was dated for 2008 and I guess it was waste to buy it.. But I so wanted to.. so wanted to. Bought some sticky notes. And some extras.

And here I was, back in the car, still tempted to buy Reader’s digest. Huh. But I am not a magazine reader so that was a total flop too.

Sitting back.. I was having a deep conversation with myself. And I wished I could spread the great satisfaction I felt. The feeling of contentment is so rare in our lives. We are just running, and I feel like a hypocrite saying that because I am one person who loves being busy and loves to run around. But the race from being what one is, is the thing that slowly dissolves us,deep down from the soul. Fighting off the hundred or so feelings, breaking, getting up, struggling, hating, loving, making resolutions, creating beliefs, killing, dying. It’s too much we go through. I possess no great difference myself but for once here, my soul was at peace. I thanked those people praying at the moment…A hundred words of gratitude I can never pen down….

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