Tales of Two

They will hate Sun.. I will hate Rain

It rained after so long. The desert cried out in pain, in such great agony

“Oh you go away! Yes you rain, you water, go away! I have lived so long without you! You remember me? How could you forget. Remember my greenery? Remember those blooming colours? Remember what I was when you last came? Not any more ha.. I am a Desert now. My colours have gone. Died in front of these very eyes of mine.

You Rain! I cried for you so long.. I withered in agony. The pain was excruciating. Everything is lost now. The only green I have is in thorns and barbs. Survival. This is what survival caused them. This is what survival caused me. When the time goes wrong this is how one has to become to exist, to live. I wish you knew the irony in the term life here! You come now!

I know how to live in dryness. I know how to live without moisture. Now you fall to torture me? Can you decipher the pain I felt when all my people died of thirst, when all my children cried in misery? They cried for so long.. But then.. then YOU NEVER CAME!

You come now? I can still hear the cries of my children..Your roar cannot drown those voices. They will remain in me forever, go on, put your ears against me and I will show you what you never heard. I curse you wretched clouds go now I don’t need your debt.. and kindness if you call it that…

I am content with my Sun.. It sometimes gave me that glow.. That shine and I leapt with joy for I thought it was water. You stone hearted wind.. Never blew the rain clouds here.. Never conveyed my message to them.. Never made it hear the cries of my people.

Why are you pouring so hard now? Perhaps to pacify me? The fire won’t subdue now. You cannot bring them back. You cannot bring me back. I never needed you anymore.. But it was for my people. I will take care of their remains now.. Your moisture will decay them even more. Let the dead have their peace.. You know how it feels when a child bangs his head down on hot sand because he is thirsty? Do you know how it is to be cursed? But then you are never cursed.. But loved, but you.. you there.. I hate you for everything you did.. I hate your existence. How can you stay happy when someone somewhere cried because of you,died because of you…and is rotting because of you?!

Leave now.. Leave before somewhere else a battle for survival starts. It’s wise to leave when you are needed no more…. but then.. what do you care…


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