Busy Life. Best life


Well… while thinking about today… I guess I am a complete escapist. I rushed to my room when I came home. Viewed myself in that mirror in the dark corner. I was right. My face was glowing. White. I touched it to make sure. Just a thin layer of sweat, nothing else. It had been ages I saw myself this way..

Ever been so busy that you don’t even care what you look like? Whether your hair is done whether your face looks fine whether or not you seem to be sane? Busy even to scratch your head. Stuff pending. Work work work run run run. Wow

Well.. this is exactly the life I LOVE! I just love running around the planet doing chores. Going college going academy working running. Pushing myself to walk even when I am just so drained of energy. Telling myself.. Go on you aren’t an old grandma yet. You are one strong person. Hush on, Come on, It’s fun. You don’t get to see these days often… Pushing books in my bag and not even caring to zip it up because HELL I won’t get the right seat! Sitting alone in the vehicle and switching the silent mode on on the cellphone. And scared a bit. Gulp.

I just so love it. I love to keep have my fingers in so much. Love to peek in between telling my friend that I am stuck in this stuck in that. Although I am the “Want to stay alone” sort of person mostly but I just love running in to the crowd that knows nothing about me. And often finding a face lighten up..”Haibar right? It has been so long!! How do you do!?” And yes.. typical conversation that proceeds… Just love the idea. Gosh I am so happy. Happy at the fact that I have so much to do. Entrance test is approaching!! I have not even a single moment to waste! Run hide work groan

Plus… you know what makes it all worthwhile.. To see people have missed you. Some people have been thinking that where the hell you were.. Maybe I love it because it makes me forget so much. Makes me forget everything that’s going on in my life. Makes me feel so far far away from this world. Far away from all the thoughts and memories that are not worth being in my head, I wish I remain this way. Not so busy that It becomes impossible to be with the people who love me. But busy enough to make me sleep without having to bear the pain. Busy enough to make me so tired that I don’t have to think at night… With mum putting up hot food for me as I return and as My friends stay around me.. Loving me truly for the first time in my life… I’d say.. Life is becoming something I actually look forward to…



15 thoughts on “Busy Life. Best life”

      1. lol ….don kno … but whenever I read or watch something or meet ppl, for some reason, I usually find myself in it or in them… And seeing a partial reflection of yourself, not in the mirror, but in someone else’s life can either be scary or exciting. Mostly I say to myself, damn, that is me right there. And if I don’t approve of the ‘me’ I see right in front of me … I wanna change it, kick it out of my system. How difficult that is! And if I like it, I just nod and say, hmm…I shall keep that me… it’s cool. It’s a funny, silly game that I play with myself. :)

  1. All I deduce is.. You are your friend. But in a vague crooked way. For you like playing games aye… Sorry if I sound too forward and ah yes… seeing yourself in others is..scary..somewhat irritating. For many of us wanna be unique and different. Anyways thanks for the insight. Adds colour to my blog :)

    1. iLike straightforward! … that is why you have a blog to begin with, no? :) … I think our uniqueness does not exist independent of others…. and that is the beauty of life. We are still unique in our own ways, there won’t be another Elyas, for sure, that is exactly like me, ever. But some of Elyas’s behaviors or personalities can also resemble Haibar’s or someone else’s. ……u r welcome….i enjoy the discussion, so u dont have to thank moi. :) I should in fact thank you for sharing your thoughts …

    1. Well.. I loved the illiterate girl one more.. The writer one was a bit um plain but really nice.

      ” Don’t date a girl who reads because girls who read are the storytellers. … You, the girl who reads, make me want to be everything that I am not. … You will accept nothing less than passion, and perfection, and a life worthy of being storied. So out with you, girl who reads. Take the next southbound train and take your Hemingway with you. I hate you. I really, really, really hate you.”

      Thanks a lot. I really appreciated them all.

      P.s A writer does like to pretend.. =)

      1. lol … u so enjoying that quote that you forgot to answer my qn lol … u kno the part i posted on my tumblr is just an excerpt, so my question again, did u read the rest of it? lol darn it!

  2. Sire.. of course I did read the entire thing and so utterly liked it. About the writing style I’d rather say it included certain amount of what shall I say… Scorn and disgust. Every line said “I mean what I am saying” and the words were put together to make excellent sentences which gathered up to form a literally literal composition

    The latter part… yes I have read the whole thing.

    “A girl who reads perceives the difference between a parenthetical moment of anger and the entrenched habits of someone whose bitter cynicism will run on, run on well past any point of reason, or purpose, run on far after she has packed a suitcase and said a reluctant goodbye and she has decided that I am an ellipsis and not a period and run on and run on.”

    And in one word I say.. It was so ironic. I don’t know whether you agree or not but I felt strong irony. And the person tries to compose in somewhat bitter and difficult vocabulary (I never appreciate that)

    The writing style was stupendous. If he could make it a little more easier, It will compel the reader to read more rather than run half way through lol

    I can’t be more comprehensive I apologize lol.

  3. lol … I hear you!

    Yes he wrote it from the perspective one really bitter guy… a style which may force some readers to give up reading right away … it is very aggressive, offensive. But that is the irony, the satire … and because of that, i forced myself to go through it all and see how ends it….and he ends it brilliantly … it shows you ‘hate’ is such a strong and destructive feeling … you suddenly become so defensive internally, if you are a woman, especially, you wanna rip that dude’s balls apart, and make him bleed, suffer, like he is torturing you emotionally, even though you know he is just joking … I read some of the comments people posted there. And some people really took him literarily and were quite offended by him. … that is a testimony to how an excellent tool a satire is in challenging society–in some instances, you may pay a heavy price for it.

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