The Money Miracles

I am a jackpot
You have to believe it!
Monetarily speaking.. I am a good omen
Lord never let’s me go on money-saving and money-loss states
Whenever, whenever my pocket-money gets low.. When I spend more than I should’ve, Something happens, I never have to ask Mother for more. Sometimes my Uncle drops in exactly when I have spent my money on a burger or a pizza, (smuggled in when my Mum retires to bed). =P And there goes my wallet.. All heavy and happy.

But no, there is something else. My books. I have a habit of putting money in my books. slipping in them whenever I am rushing out or when I am reading a book and Mum hands in some money, I just stuff in the book and forget about it. And weeks after I just hit the jackpot =P

Let me relate some incidents. Sitting, bored. So I open my secret cupboard concealed way below, a place Mum will never crouch to peek in, I pull out the book I read few months ago, open it and WHAT THE- two heavy notes lying innocently in. Evil smile. Thank you Lord

During Break. Just leaving for Canteen. Open my English book. WHAT THE- where did this money come from? Never mind. Cheers

Taking out cardigans as winters approach. Wearing my favourite red one. Pushing my hand into the pockets. Hear a crackle and a clinking sound. WHAT THE-
And just today I opened my Biology workbook. And… man I have to say it now. WHAT THE BEEP!!!! When the hell did I put these three heavy notes?

Just kidding, Who doesn’t love finding money at unknown places? Plus I never look under sofas.. like the majority does. I’ll try that someday too haha.

My drawers and tablecloth and covers… They are bound to have some coins lying under them. Yeah you can call me careless.. But God always takes care of my money. And my wallet never, ever gets empty. Even if it does…. Hell I have more than a thousand books hidden in that cupboard..

And one day if I gave away my books without checking them.. Someone will end in Forbes List for sure.

I bet my SAT workbook :P


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