There has been much tragedy in my life; at least half of it actually happened.

Honestly speaking Haibar what are you doing? I mean… Driving? What are you doing to yourself? How could you? Do you even have the slightest notion about the consequences you can go through? Do you know what will happen if you break free? Haibar? Haibar!

Sorry dude. My brain doesn’t work that way.

Lol. My brain is the most co-operative organ I possess. It assists me through each and every stupid-crazy-maniacal-moronic-funny-happy-aye thing. Oh I love you so much. Peace

So there… Finally I have started on to learn driving! Thanks to Stephanie and her Dad! Last night was like my first class and we went out at about 11 pm and wow. Stephanie already knows how to drive and I was just sitting my her side looking like :

Exactly! I was sitting in the hall… Fuming about a row with my Mom and the sheer fact that Stance was away. Then suddenly Stephanie drops in and next thing I know was headlong in a driving session with her dad!

I was hell nervous! NEXT thing I know I am sitting in the car as Stephanie drove to the Gas station for fuel! I was so embarrassed! I was wearing the shortest, oldest shirt I own.. with the most short and pathetic trousers available… And well… Stephanie was in her sort-of-night-outfit. And the guys on the station were like what the butt are two girls doing out in their night suits! Thanks to Uncle sitting at the back….We were not kidnapped.

SO. There were few people out and A guy just stopped in the street and just scratched his head… 11 pm.. What the-?

After the briefing Uncle just said… Go on Dear.. Before the steering wheel and I was like


And everyone chuckled and I flushed crimson

And then.. next day.. (today) got up early in the morning.. And off We three went to the nearby playground-sort-of-place


I can’t believe myself, I.. I mean I.. no seriously speaking..I… drove. I was jumpy on the race thing but I actually.. Drove! Oh come on life is going on superb at the time… I can’t wait to tell Stance about it…

And I tripped back home and I was jumping around the house.. Something like



and maybe this

A new project.. A new friend.. A new book… A new reason to smile.. They all just make me something I so truly am. I deserve to be happy no? (Don’t we all) I forgot all that row with Ma and I was flying in the air! Dad! Man why do you have to be away! I wanna see you smile! Because.. I am the most wonderful daughter there is.. And the credit goes to you! I wish I could call you at the moment and scream on top of my voice! But hell… never mind =P Just that I love you..I want to spread my happiness all around the Universe before it disappears but aye.. The blog will do it. Happy. Aye =) And hey Thanks Stephanie and his Dad. And Anne (My best friend) Stance (My another bestie)  still have to hear the story so I better run. Chop chop!

Solanum tuberosum,

Haibar =)

(Title: A quote by Mark Twain)

( With all these colours and cartoons.. I sound so… gay…lol )


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