If its meant to be, it’s meant to be

I am trembling. Every cell of my body is vibrating with uncertain energy. I am not an addict and nobody slips drugs in my drinks or food (or so I know) But here I am. Every muscle every fiber. Shaking in a turbulent manner. Making me uncertain. Making me afraid

What a feeling. What a state. Have you ever felt it? Have you ever felt the control getting lost? Have you ever just felt so confused about decisions that they shake you thoroughly and absolutely? You know how hard it is to trust after being smashed again and again and again? Know it? Understand it? Get it!?

You never step in the same waters twice. You never get bitten by the same snake twice. You can never cook in the same wooden pot again. You know what! You simply cannot!

Just be quiet and let things be. If it’s meant to be It’ll find it’s way.

I’ve been lost for a while…


15 thoughts on “If its meant to be, it’s meant to be

  1. Let fear not make you shiver!
    Let it not be inside you forever!
    Yes, you might have been smashed once,
    You may be smashed again, twice, thrice …
    But dont forget about the Phoenix
    That should be your inspiration, not defeat ..
    Let the feeling be, let it be … let it, feel it
    But don’t be afraid of it!

  2. Life is like that, I feel that always, but please do believe, as time goes by, you will become stronger and stronger. At least you learn something, right?

  3. trust is like a virganity , once u lost it u cant get it back , and yep u r right that no one gets bitten by the same snake twice , and Qaid-e-Azam said ” if some one slaps ya ,its his fault but if some one slaps ya again , now its ur fault “

  4. Joe Quatrone says:

    Wow! I understand how you feel. I’ve read 5 of your posts so far and they’re all good. You are a great writer! You are able to communicate your thoughts with such clarity and expression. Amazing!

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