No. 49

November 2009

Gee It has been so long.. Lost the poetry thingy. Have to revive it. Mission semi-possible! Aye!

People assume I know nothing,
That I’m deaf, dumb and blind
A wreck,
But, ah, not someone benign…
But hear I can..
That terrible sound
That silent screaming
Of those torturous eyes
But see I can..
The thirst the lust
The unending hunger
Of their prodigal hands
But talk I can
To those decaying objects
To the minds and hearts
Of the lost they neglect
The voices, they clash in my brain,
And oh clamour, it never departs
The venom, it runs through my veins
And the pain dissolves my heart
People ‘know’ it, ah, so they say
I’m deaf, dumb and blind..
Or (you ‘know’) Just a patient 
of Special Ward No. 49….

11 thoughts on “No. 49

  1. I was so impatient to find out what the 49 meant to represent. But I didn’t skip a line or a stanza to get to the end, to cheat. I waited for it, but questioning, where the heck is the reference, why did she choose that as her title, etc……In the end, all was answered. Great poem, dear. Keep writing … regardless of what you think about your writing at this point, just write, write, … judge it, but don’t let your judgement stop you from writing other pieces.

  2. It reminds me of the times when everyone everywhere knows me and calls me as the brother of the guy who got into every university he applied into and the brother of the boy who tops everything :(

    I have a voice and i am me. I AM ME! This message is conveyed brilliantly in your poem :)

    <3 it

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