Outward bound

I am not a poet. I can only read poetry (which I extensively do). I write non rhyming curt pieces. But this one caught my eye while cleaning my closet. I don’t like this one.. I can write it well in prose..

@2009, January maybe

I have this feeling
The feeling so great
To kill that crawling insect
That one moving away

Here in my prison cell
Here in this cage
I feel poison and venom
I feel so much hate

That meager insect,
The one crawling away
Has everything I yearn for
And everything I pray

It can move away, free and unbound
It can face the world, without guilt or a doubt
And I stay here, bound and gagged
And I fight off the light coming through that crack

The light stings my eyes,
And tells me it is day
In the world that made it all dark for me,
In the world I have no say

The desire hits me once again
And I wish I had a stick or a stone
Or even a limb on my crippled body
To hit it before its gone

I fall on the ground, a debilated invalid,
and far from the one moving in the day.
And watch, with eyes clogged and weary,
The creature blocking the ray…


4 thoughts on “Outward bound”

  1. “That meager insect,
    The one crawling away
    Has everything I yearn for
    And everything I pray” …. this sums all that I feel right now! Well done …

    Stop punching yourself in the face! This is a fantastic poem … only if you could write more and more like it! The more you write, the better you become at it…

    there is no magic key to writing well… practice, practice, practice. “Talent” is overrated. Hard-work and persistence can create talent from obscurity. And laziness and inconsistency can bury talent alive. Those are not my exact words, I paraphrased them from those who consider themselves accomplished in the art of writing!

    1. I just dunno, poetry doesn’t come to me anymore.
      Well, Thanks for all those words EMK, they sure do give me a big boost

      Aye, and high ten for those inspirational lines Monsieur. They go in the vault =)

      Thank ya again!

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