Here I am, Once again

Watching Princess Mononoke for the fiftieth time. It’s time to think back. Think back again. Time to understand again. How old am I? Traditionally 109 and technically a defeated teenager. I don’t wanna lose anymore. A typical human. The orthodox girl. Underestimated, forgotten, neglected and left behind.

We all have beliefs. We live our lives according to them. And half of them are made up. I believe I lose every single person and thing I talk a lot about. I find a friend, I’ll tell the whole Universe. A week later I find out it was an illusion. Lol. Happy as anything. Spreading it aloud like being paid to do so. One bad response. It’s over.. =) So I’m gonna talk about my pain a lot, hoping it fades away or… loses the intensity =)

Does love fade away? Can a god turn into a demon? Can a truly good person ever be bad? Can we deliberately hurt people we so genuinely loved? Can love ever turn into hatred? Do true friends leave you when they are needed? Am I just a thankless git….

The worst you can do to me is take my friends away. As I said. It’s only the friendship I cherish. I draw a circle around me. Once I have all I want, I’ll refuse to let it open for anybody. You give me your happiness I’ll make it double. You give me love I’ll return it multiplied a hundredfold. You give me pain and bluntness. I’ll hold it in and destroy myself. Even more, I’ll write a blog on you.

I just did =D

( I would’ve talked about the movie but that a) would’ve spoiled the fun b) make you snigger at me as I am a huge anime fan.. 109 and still =P )


Written on August 18 2011

8 thoughts on “Here I am, Once again

  1. breakthewall says:

    Okay, so this interesting. You asked some real deep questions, I am not saying I can answer them all, but this much I do know… Love does not fade. Its always there, like the wind surrounding you. As for the friendship, people sometimes do things which hurt us a lot, but does that mean every good memory, every cherished moment has gone waste? Maybe not.
    By the way, this is the best thing about being a writer, you can get back on people by writing about them. Its always helps. :P
    Best of luck!

    • Helps my hat =P
      Thank you for stopping by finally

      Well.. depends on how many cherished moments go waste due to the effects of our acts. A god can turn into a demon man. If it fades, it might not be love. Aye

      See ya around the corner =)

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