Balderdash Thoughts

Definition of Balderdash, At your service

Oh I’ve got nothing to say

Nothing at all

Then why am I typing.. Nobody out there is waiting to read the crap I put here

Yes. I am disgruntled because I am helpless. Annoyed because I am disappointed. Irritated because I have nothing to say. Nothing to do. I should rename the blog from the Positive sign to a No-sign-whatsoever-so-get-the-hell-outta-here. Why do things stick to us so bad? Why can’t we just let things GO. Let them BE. I am so thoroughly huffed up. And when after my prayers my fluent tongue is out to curse I bite it back. Ok, let’s not be falsely modest things slip yeah but I try my level best to keep it mild. Wish world had a reset button. Or I had super powers so I could screw the hell outta people who have no regard for my feelings. Now you so clearly know I do have nothing to say I am just typing to keep my mind from straying and my tongue from getting real rash.. God I am so vulnerable

That’s it. I am done. The world can fall to pieces and I swear I don’t-give-a-damn. A nuclear war may start and all I am gonna do is bury my diaries (which I don’t write anymore, dang the blog) I am not gonna even care apologizing or saying those melodramatic “Goodbyes” and I have no one to hug farewell. One or two, maybe

Well. Sometimes we amaze ourselves. Ironic. The girl who would take a bullet for the people she loved is actually out to shoot them right now

It’ll pass yeah, Plus I have a big trip on in my plate. Plus I hate my new haircut. God I should bury myself now..

See ya,


Plus if you have something that annoys you or has irritated ya lately, My comments section is at yer service. Blah



6 thoughts on “Definition of Balderdash, At your service”

  1. “Furry little problem” we got there, don’t we? :P. This one is snappy. Just so you know, you don’t put crap out there. Its beautiful and worth reading. Seriously. Best of luck!

  2. Just chill yaar, have fun and live your ilfe. Let go of little stuff that pricks your heart, cuz sometime soon, you’ll get immune to it but only if you ignore it and move on :D

    You should write about your haircut. At least i know i’d like to read the experience :)

  3. OMG!!!u jst cant help being urslf eh!!!bt it was fun!opened up a load of ol’ dayz 2gthr – the momoirs i mean!.it was jst like sitting next 2 u n listening u get ur anger phlegm out on sum van always i enjoyed being wd u – visualizing u saying ths rite nw – exclusively. <3

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