Letters: Andrew replies


Hey Busty,

 Are you a five-year old? Because your letter gave me that impression. I opened it and BAM got hit by all the superheroes. Tch Tch *kids*

Go on scowl. I am first going to answer your timely questions. This place is kinda cool. I mean I had mentally prepared myself for this for a very long time so even if something goes out of hand, I accept it readily. Food comes under my heading of *so so* but I never expected to have five-star stuff did I? Yes I did make quite a few acquaintances, it’ll take time to make friends man =) Training is super cool, I always used to imagine all this now it is so damn real. And I can’t complain! Professors are highly qualified, with a few exceptions of course. Professor Mansfield is just like gym teacher back at school. So naturally you know my reactions in his class. DUH. It is fun, yes. And you will be disappointed that we are in our first year so the hostels are nicer. As the training proceeds, they say, life is gonna be tough. So for now, we are bug and mostly-sweat-free.

As for the story about that freaky friend of yours, I was so ANGRY. I toldja before that gal was an idiot. Why don’t you talk to the Head about switching rooms with that girl whom-you-kinda-liked, Joan was it? And be strong man! Just because they are stupid, you don’t have to breakdown and feel bad! It’s going to be JUST fine alright. Moron =P

Batman sticker? Hahahahahahahaha alright I am SO jealous =P =P =P

We are all out sightseeing. It is part of our training to go out on our own and all that. Claire if you could see this! The mountains the valleys the water! It is about evening and the wind is chilling me as I write. I am glad Dad decided to send me away. I am glad they keep us cut off from the world. I am glad you can write to me. I am glad I can write back, These five years will be the best in my life. I can feel myself changing already. Getting a stack of letters every Sunday and Thursday from Mom, Dad, Sis, you, May and Steve. I feel loved and happy. If you could see me sitting on this rock wearing my khaki shorts and green shirt. Oh, I wish you could see how peaceful I feel. I wish you could see me smile as I write

You don’t have to cry and succumb to all the crazy people you have to hang out with now. It’s going to be ok. I do miss you and I do understand you.. I am learning yoga and so much stuff. Hey, Claire. It’s gonna be ok you’ll find nicer people. Just keep looking. ok? 

Hey sorry if I did not answer anything or overlooked stuff in your letter, Just know I read every word of it and I care. We are going back to the campus. I have got a cool bicycle you know =) 

Hate to leave you alone, I really do
Ciao Ciao,


P.s. I love you

(Don’t worry, I am also searching for something original. Haha)