Anger: Thou cometh again

Indignation and anger. They are the things that have the power to unleash all the suppressed feelings I possess. They have the ability to charge each and every pore of my body and flush my fair cheeks scarlet. I can feel blood rushing to my face and the adrenaline surge clearing my view. I am angry and times are gone I let it in and run away or give up. Yes, it is not worth it. Every person is not worth being given a dose of Haibar at the peak of indignation . Karma is enough a friend. What goes around comes around. I am a writer. I am proud of it. I can write my frustration away while you can suck on it

I was right. I am right. I always leave space, a large space, for anyone else’s thoughts. Why? This is a big world and I do not live alone. I don’t want to. Twice in my life I have made the mistake to let my work seen by the totally close minded, or stuck up. Because we have been writing and reading and talking and being talked to or with for a long time does not make us the supreme ruler, nor does it give us the authority to say anything anywhere. There is no limit to learning. No limit to learn from others. But pardonne me, this road runs two ways.

Learn to respect others and what they have to say. If you find anything wrong, humbly point it. Nobody is going to listen if you act and talk crap. Everyone is not Mommy daddy or Uncle auntie. Nor is everyone a friend. If you want to be respected, learn the verb and noun yourself

And don’t judge me till you don’t know me. I am the most humble person on Earth. But when the rotation goes counter-clockwise, I no longer stay quiet

Jee, now that I have written it. My heart is as clean as it was, I hate fighting back. Makes me weary and tired. Makes me someone I am not. From the core of me, I am not brutal nor am I a pay-backer. But when I have to, I fight alone

Was born and bred that way…

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