Gotta post while I can post

Gotta say till I can say, gotta yell when I can still  talk =P So.. I am sitting down and finally posting this. This is the 20th post and I am still not satisfied. Hmm. So.. Yes. It happened.

I got into a Government Medical college.

First try. And I never really studied

Believe me.. I wanted to get into a college but deep down I never really worked. But see! God helped me out!

I found out a few days ago, now we are shopping and gathering documents and turning my insides out for this bird to finally leave her nest. This is.. so strange and nervous and and.. ok.. exciting for me I am not going to put all the tales I had cooked in my brain or the 21st post will go down the drain too.

It’s going to be so tough for me. I have never studied under a Government Institution and I pretty much am spoiled.. A minimalist yes but.. at least the few things I like are comfy and well.. necessary..What if I don’t get a room in the college hostel? What if the place is absolutely dreary? What if my best friend gets a room and I don’t.. Hang on, did I forget mentioning? We both got into the same college. A miracle or WHAT?

Well. I cannot bring myself write something serious, I am way too vacant for that. Yeah, mild happiness does that to me. The fears tarnish the true intensity. Just.. I don’t think I might be able to blog… Once a month twice maybe.. I’ll try from my cell.. But I don’t really think so.. Lord.. this means I will have to buy another diary for me..

So. This is it. Now everyday till 25th I will try post stuff I am doing, before I move to another city, embrace a whole new life. People. Stuff.. stufff..stuff. Jee I’m going to miss WordPress. This place gave me life when I was thrown on the sidewalk by people I loved the most, two toned suckers.. not important anymore. Jee I’m such a great liar. But then I have the excuse everyone gave me =D “If I never used those words you wouldn’t have left following me, but there will always remain a place for you in my life’.. pure bullshit…such golden bullshit =D

I’ll miss you all my WP mateys. But I don’t leave as yet, Or maybe.. never! But keeping the assumption in mind that I am leaving soon… Let’s cherish the days left. I honour everyone I met here. I made great friends and not even ONE foe. Quite an accomplishment right?