Thoughts and a paragraph

It was a bad day. Because I was off to the Court and there was a lot of stuff to be done and travelling local is a great mess. My mind made it easier for me, but the legs and arms heed no illusion

I am tired. But its soon gonna be over and a whole new set of problems are gonna come my way. Oh, try me

Now a days I post exactly what goes on in my mind. No writing in my mind over the day, no checking the drafts. Just hello hi bye bye…

It’s vacant. The heart the mind. Nothing penetrates. No true feeling comes out… But I force myself to write

I’m going to post something I wrote on 8th May 2009, on the roof of my college (College aka 11th grade)

“How am I hidden from others? I wonder. I wonder can anyone realize how hurt I get when they turn their backs at me? Do they know when they turn away unexpectedly… I break down? Can they wonder ,when someone closer, some good friend, turns away unexpectedly, how unreal I feel? Can they decipher, how my heart bursts with joy when I see my companions laughing because of some silly joke of mine? Do they feel the intensity of my hatred no.. dislike.. when they prick me so knowingly? Can someone, ever, read me? 

For if they could.. I won’t be writing this..

But maybe that’s why, that’s why.. I am hidden so well..”  



3 thoughts on “Thoughts and a paragraph

  1. Alternativepoet says:

    Hi Haibar, sorry to hear you’re feeling down today, I think we all have days like this but the important thing is what you do with those feelings. I feel that, letting it out the way you’re doing is a good thing. You have a great new adventure ahead, try to keep that in mind and the rest will fall into place…I have posted my poem “Moments ” here for you I hope it cheers you up… 😊


    Some moments are so precious, you wonder if they’re real,
    Some moments are so terrible; you feel you’ll never heal.
    Some moments are like snowflakes, surprising you at first,
    Some moments make your heart swell, with loves unquenchable thirst.

    Life is filled with moments, so many to recall,
    Moments of dejection, then feeling six feet tall,
    Moments from the distant past, when you were very small,
    Moments when you wonder, do you fit in at all.

    They say that life is fated, written in the stars,
    The optical alignment, of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars,
    The fact is, it’s shaped by moments, the good and sometimes bad,
    You’ve lived, that’s what’s important, so let your heart be glad.

    For moments are for seizing, reach out, don’t be afraid,
    Soon another moment will fleet by; your fears will be allayed.

  2. There is time to cry, time to laugh, time to feel low, time to feel high … ;)

    This is an awesome entry, Haib! =D

    Am glad you force yourself to write! That is the attitude I want to hear! … it is easy to give up and say, I will write it later…


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