Letters: Andrew retorts

If I could only punch you.

What’s wrong with you? You only get to write me once a week and you blow the chance by taking up some stupid jealousy! Why are you confused and what gets you on in a second?! Claire, let me make one thing very clear to you

It was really bad of me to write that way, I understand. I regret. But you’ve got to understand that May is my cousin and she likes hearing from me. And, frankly speaking its her Mom behind all this. I mentioned her, not to bring you in a crowd, but just to inform about the only people who write because if I didn’t… you would’ve honestly blown apart soon. Accept it. So truly do that.

How long have we been together? Come on. Think. School. College. Now I am off doing Literature and Spiritual studies, and you are doing medicine. But after all this time what do I have to do to tell you that no matter how many people come and go in my life YOU WILL ALWAYS REMAIN THE BEST FRIEND AND COMPANION I EVER HAD! Gosh, you make me angry. I literally broke the pen in my hand thinking of what to write

Jee. It’s ok. We are cool. I am sorry for doing that and I promise it won’t happen (duh) (you LOVE making me apologize don’t ya?)

First we are starting off with Anthropology. Boy it’s like doing history all over again. I have two room mates, Som and Niran. Both are from Thailand. Cool people. Kind of made friends with them. It’s a tough routine man. But I like that =D. I’ll write more about them when you fix your attitude next time, come on I want that letter pad back! I like Flash staring at me every time I open my drawer. Haha

That’s all for this week. Write something nice ok, Or else you know.. May writes so sweet.. I almost expect honey dripping from the flowery letter smelling so.. girl I am intoxicated =D

See ya, You being away makes a huge difference, you idiot

Writing while sitting on a sturdy tree branch, in my blue jeans (wink)


P.s I ALMOST FORGOT IN MY ANGER… YOU GOT IN!!!!!!!! WOWIE! That’s incredible! ! ! Where? When? What’s happening now? When ya going to Med school? Write all about it and write big and long. Ok. =)