I am flipping I am flopping I am jumping and hitting the roof I am whirling on this chair WHEEEEEEE I am hip I am hop..

Guys.. I am so totally flop…

I so am thrilled! Sitting in our computer lab with everyone in the vicinity READING MY BLOG!!!! We got this class and and and I just told a few mates about my blog and everyone started searching it! WOW

Now that I am writing this, lemme relate another incident. On our first day, a girl tapped on me, beckoned me closer and said Haibar, Haibar Zair? A Purple Daffodil?” And I was like (What the-) Yes?” She shook my hand telling that My sketches were amazing and the poetry was so awesome, “Never stop writing, you are great writer” She probably had stumbled in my blog through some fb page.. I blushed scarlet and was so damn happy. Just as my friend told me that his brother had read and appreciated my poem that got published in such an AWESOME magazine, not knowing that I actually wrote it. Not knowing who the hell is Haibar Zair…

Small world, right?


My class is till 2 and it is about 12 45 here. I am happy and blushing and alone and in a crowd I don’t know what am I saying I am just blabbing and blabbing.

I find myself singing So Long, Jimmy. There is happiness in the heart. There is a childish joy bubbling through my heart, passing through those arms that have been in pain for days.. years. The pain returned yesterday but I don’t mind. Give me one reason of happiness and love and I will take it on. Leave happiness to me I know how to multiply it a hundredfold. It is part of the persona I am building. And I shall build. I may not be extraordinary in sciences, but I know myself, and I am going to be much more than a doctor.

I am going to become a Healer