Medicine: Year 1

Oh girl, you’re mine




Oh how my fingers have been itching to slide back and forth the keyboard and how my ears have yearned to hear  the clip clop of the buttons pressed, my thoughts filling a flat screen in front of me! Oh how have I missed all of this!

Winter vacations. Back home. Passed my sub stage, How cool is that?

My brain is filled will all sorts of stories from hostel. All sorts of incidents that have been taking place. Everything I have learned. Am learning. I will post separate posts on each of them. My nerdy room mates. Mates from my best friend’s awesome group. My room. Her room. Bus. Store. Late night burger deliveries. Coffee party. Dissection Halls. Lecture theatres. Anatomy. Biochemistry. Physiology. Practicals. Tutorials. The seniors. The caretakers. The devilish doctors. Boys lol. PBL (Problem based learning) etc

Last time I was not sure how I felt. Not sure about what I was in. What was happening. Now I am cool. Words are well defined and stories are well exaggerated in moi brain. If Lord helps me.. Its gonna be fun!

Gee. is there anyone left to read me anymore? I don’t think so.. people make other friends. Places are occupied. I myself have been replaced a dozen times

Never mind. Never mind

But I missed you all =)



(Title: Last song sung in my room while packing, ahem)

3 thoughts on “Oh girl, you’re mine”

  1. I totally relate girl! It has been a great time. Don’t worry about the replacement stuff. Remember some people are always there, no matter what happens.

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