Medicine: Year 1

Second Sub-stage and related disasters

Hey guys and grandpas! Blogging after two months! How totally weird is that?

I know..

How weird…?


So I survived my second anatomy sub stage which was a total SCENE! Then I passed my biochemistry, first test of the internal assessments. I just gave my physiology test and I have a histology viva on monday and I stink

Big time

I really want to relate my second substage because I am possibly not going to forget it in near future. What is written on my face? Girls and grandmas why don’t ya tell me? Why don’t teachers leave me! Everyone had a viva of maximum 5 minutes and on the minimum level my viva was of 15 minutes, that too of biochemistry, in that narrow box of a room. !!!

Second substage was a disaster. The teacher sucked my blood in front of the whole museum and every single boy and girl was watching k iskey saath ho kia raha he! (what’s happening with her!) she just started asking and just won’t end! Tibia fibula posterior thigh gluteal region front of leg back of leg lateral compartment CUTANEOUS NERVE SUPPLY

And when I saw the marks.. she just passed me and I couldn’t stop crying as I talked ter mom I felt like burning the entire institution or just dissecting someone with my bare hands!! I ANSWERED EVERY DAMN QUESTION EVEN THE ONE OUTSIDE THE SYLLABUS WAS IT SO BIG A FAULT THAT I FORGOT THE SUPRAPATELLAR BURSA!!! AYE AYE AYE??

Lol and the biochem terror: don’t ask

And the physio drama: Don’t dare

I have amazing roomies. And I have met amazing people. I love my friend Bubbly =D and oh I hate my you Anne aka my bestie.

I wrote a lot of stories. A whole bunch of passages. I have a lot to say yet I just wanna stare the screen and read all I have missed.

You know.. one great thing I have learned.. give a person time to understand you. There is no such thing as first impression. Let him or her know you and exhibit her his true self. Let yourself understand the person. I have done this, and as a result I have known stuff I have never known.

And I love the big city! I love the clear skies and tall buildings. I love being alone in this crowd. I love talking with every friend as my very own. I love looking at my phone and hearing the trring as I see that I’ve got mail. I love how my heart fills with light as I think of all this. I am ordinary in college as it’s all the science I can never master. Something  I might never be extraordinary in. But this feeling that aye! I am different makes me lift my head up and walk past everyone..

You know.. In a class of 330.. I haven’t found one person yet, one person; a writer a blogger an artist.. I always wanted to find ONE such friend when I go to college. One (or more) person I can just CLICK to.. I am still searching you know.. Just never give up aye! One more thing I have now learned to my core…

So what now? I am going back tomorrow. Will be back after a while now, I lead a real tough life now. We are always moaning about one thing or the other. But I’ve always loved all these challenges.. maybe that is how I survive. Because Allah helps me out every time.. Sometimes I think I am slipping away entirely.. but then a blow comes and a few tears leak. But that is how its balanced. That’s how we call it reality

I don’t know what mosaic work I just posted. Blah. But you grandmas and grandpas know what a crazy person I am.

OH yes you do.


Dr. Haibar =D

7 thoughts on “Second Sub-stage and related disasters”

  1. Keep it at it Doc!! :) Every experience, both good and bad, is there to make us a better person if we take advantage of it without hurting others and ourselves too much in the process. :) Great piece as usual! =D

  2. went through ur blog..its awesome!
    cant believe such an artistic soul persists in rmc :P
    seriously, dude, Im surprised at this revelation and glad that college aint as dark a pit as it comes off :p, really am :)
    keep it up, hope the next 5 yrs don’t bring u down.

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