Here’s to me. Here’s to you

The world is just..too big sometimes. When I stand in the dissection hall filled with fervent and anxious people about to have a nice dose of the examiners in sub-stage… I feel… drained.. as if the energy leaks out from unknown pores.. or holes I don’t know.. All I want is to just stay far away. First reaction I ever have to people is utter and urgent repulsion. I just want to get away from their very aura. The sink sometimes is too much for my body to handle.

There’s nowhere to go, hon. We make homes ourselves. One has to learn how to work things out. I am learning. The place I now live seems to have harboured all the great winds in the world… Let’s breathe and pray.. try and make things work for you. College is great. Mates are fun. Heart is the same. Soul learning the new ways of living. Breathe and break free. There’s always a new day, a new spring and a new post in which I might be able to write something less balderdash


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