Everyday.. every moment

Hey… Hello again. What am I doing? Sitting in the computer lab because I finished with my disaster of a viva early and I am just so bored

So… wassup with me now a days? Nobody bothers to know what’s going on with you. We are too sickly selfish for that =P But my blog my space my thoughts.. Yeah

I am just… simply the same. I have a new bunch of room mates now.. and frankly speaking I am just…okay… I am trying to work over my various ‘instabilities’ and am trying to understand every soul I know. Just tweaking their psychology. Trying to read their aura.. jeez I can never see auras… Real or not real I just so wanna know what colours people possess..

I have always been a sort of..away and separate person. Just like my sister who would never have her friend sit with another classmate because she never wanted to lose even a part of her. But that was a great friendship. I used to envy her friend. I love her. She was great. My Baji was one bright light that made me see so much. Then that light went out. And I hate it now.

You know what.. the right time to judge someone is when they don’t have to depend on you. When they are not alone. When they have a crowd who loves them yet they look back, tug your arm and yank you out in the party. Because nobody else matters as you do. That is when you know that, yes, the person…cares. When I have you and all you have is me… it’s just survival. Nothing more nothing less. If we stand back and cherish all the greater things that happened, many more smiles will come. And I need happiness to spread. I need that energy, but pure and innocent. Like running behind the clothes that tend to fly away from the line in strong wind. That feeling of running to bring a friend under the umbrella because oh, it’s raining

The thing about hearts is, that they change. But change is a part of life. Maybe heart needs that

But why doesn’t mine…

4 thoughts on “Everyday.. every moment

  1. ur Baji was one bright light that made u see so much. Then that light went out. ,does wapda has anything to do with it ? cox there is a link of wapda with the darkness .
    and yeah no doubt that a true frnd is who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

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