Thoughts and popcron

I just bunked physiology. I am so tired. We have a trip tomorrow and by 30the June we go back home and to my utter annoyance Stance’s (my friend) session ends on 10th June leaving him three months of utter and complete bliss whereas I do not have that liberty in like a zillion years…

So. Last night I was sitting in the front yard of the hostel. On a chair. With popcorn. And thinking. It was almost like watching a movie as I sat and ate and enjoyed myself. What did I think about? Oh. bunch of stuff, the walk I take everyday by myself to the bus, the movie I watched in the afternoon, mom, dad, my uncle who justĀ  had a stroke which led to paralysis. He’s recovering like anything but the moment I heard it I felt my lungs collapse and the feeling of losing him just knocked me out. We’ve kind of shifted temporarily in Uncle’s huge mansion like place and well.. one thing about uncle’s place is you are never alone.. and they kind of love the person I am. No amendments. No changes. Just the crazy person who eats macaroni like a hungry wolf. And never cleans the dishes afterwards. Lol. See that’s love. That’s family. You don’t give up. You never give up on family.

Well… I went on. Thought and thought. Then I ran out of popcorn. And lost the train of thought. I have nothing more to say… It might take me another century to write some sense again

But then.. when did I ever do that?