The eyes told what heart felt

I saw it all; Everything raced past my eyes and I drank it. The green had all its shades and they all settled within me, settled within the dark brown of my eyes. I swear my eyes changed, changed to a colour even deep and even beautiful. Then the sun came out; draping all over the mountains. The gold came in my eyes too. A rich amalgam flecked my eyes. I did not close them. I saw it, I drank it

The journey,it ended. But the colour in my eyes, the colour in my heart remained. I watched the bland world with them. The cars the buildings. The rotting hearts the raging smoke. Before I knew.. something happened. My eyes became gray. A dull black colour replaced all that had changed in me once..

But then, oh, something would sting me. Some cruel word, some careless gesture. I would wait for the night. Then it would all break.Tears will come and eyes would burn. The gray would be washed away. The brown would have returned. The one I was born with. The one’s my father had..

But till then I will not look in the mirror. Till then I will mourn for the gold, I will yearn for the green. I’ll live with the gray,oh, I’ll wait for the tears…



There are people in the world who would never have so much just because of their foolish considerations and slow thinking. They would give up what Nature so truly wants them to have. She will bring it closer, even wave it before their noses but oh they don’t see. They are blind, thick and indifferent. Nature is great, and maybe it is her greatness that cannot make her come to their level. But those gifts were for them, answers unknown; feeling unearthly. They don’t know it. They can never feel it. They make her heart break as all is lost in the air, away even from those who did see it. Who knew the presence of these wonders long before the signs appeared. So clear;so close. But all that was never for them. Never theirs to perceive, never theirs to hold. It was never meant to be. Maybe it wasn’t their for me either…

So I see, I yearn… I let go….