Balderdash Thoughts


There are people in the world who would never have so much just because of their foolish considerations and slow thinking. They would give up what Nature so truly wants them to have. She will bring it closer, even wave it before their noses but oh they don’t see. They are blind, thick and indifferent. Nature is great, and maybe it is her greatness that cannot make her come to their level. But those gifts were for them, answers unknown; feeling unearthly. They don’t know it. They can never feel it. They make her heart break as all is lost in the air, away even from those who did see it. Who knew the presence of these wonders long before the signs appeared. So clear;so close. But all that was never for them. Never theirs to perceive, never theirs to hold. It was never meant to be. Maybe it wasn’t their for me either…

So I see, I yearn… I let go….


2 thoughts on “Wrapped”

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