Land ho !

Well. I hate when I don’t write something I always wanted to write and then the moment passes and everything is lost. Sometimes delay adds or concludes the story on my mind so well.. but sometimes, like this time, it just ends up making me furious..

I wanted to write about how life was at my old hostel, like a full day overview.. just like falling for a convention.. I get up I do this and that… but before I could do so.. we shifted to this utterly brand new, raw and so simply crude hostel….

Yes. I did the packing yesterday…in like… 15 minutes? Gathering up 12 million books ain’t a human job, siree! Then having the new room cleaned. And strangely hurt at the fact that the friend you probably loved the most after your best friend.. snuck you from behind and changed colours at the mere matter of room allotments. It’s ^&(%$&$# of me to mention it here but sorry dude, I am not a saint. And you just showed me that you aren’t near one either =D

Anyways, we all helped each other bring stuff into our rooms. One friend holding bag of the other and all that. People marching up and down and up and down. A friend did all the cleaning of my cupboard (and till I breathe, I will never forget that) and so on and so forth

I slept very late. Still each part of my body hurts. My feet are raw red. (or is it red raw?) It’s a single room finally. But no more ten minutes walk for breakfast and to the bus stop. Everything is outside the gate. I will miss it, the hell I would. But it’s time we move on, savy?

It’s a cute room.. I even smuggled a caretaker uncle’s lawn chair =D oh I am also cute I don’t bite =P He won’t say a thing. I have to renovate and have the whole room painted again and fix a window, buy rugs and all. Even have some sockets set up

But six days are left and by the grace of Allah I go home after that. Mom will come with me after a good long period of summer vacations and help me do my room. But oh I will take a trip to the store myself too, ey =D

I don’t know what did I just write. Literally. Happens after every post. I better run and poke a few bodies in the hall. Boy, I have an exam coming up before I go home.