Balderdash Thoughts

Throwing away

It doesn’t take very long for a small scratch to turn into a bruise. All bruises don’t heal, all wounds don’t turn into scars and fade away. I might be talking pure medicine here but you know when things come from some unnamed corner of your mind or brain which we term things like ‘heart’. Heart is just a popular symbol. Whatever it is, I just wanna throw my cellphone away. Piece of junk has given me more tears than smiles


30 thoughts on “Throwing away”

  1. Is it really the piece of junk or the junk that came through the piece that give you tears? ;) In my opinion, the latter is just a piece, shouldnt b blamed for a crime it hasn’t committed. :D The simple solution would be to prevent the junk from coming through your piece.

  2. haibar is the name of fort which was qonquered by HAZRAT ALI(A.S) in a battle and the battle was then JANG-E-HAIBAR,,,,,,,,

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