Balderdash Thoughts

Lost in the past

You know, I will always be one of those people lost in the past. One of those who disappeared while walking with us. We never looked back nor went to search for them, the paths were too strange and dangerous for that. Or even if they were not, we never tried… Whether they lived or died. We never cared to pursue. No matter how long they stayed, no matter how much laughter, sorrow or even love they shared. It’s that some people never make those places in the heart. Yeah, I have tried many times


7 thoughts on “Lost in the past”

    1. If I substitute ‘we’ with ‘they’ and ‘they’ with ‘I’ or ‘we’, the whole structure of the passage falls down. ‘We’ is just a consideration. Not *me*. It is by context of everyone who does it. People who just walk on because the gone never made any difference, maybe =)

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