Sane Insanity

There are a few things about yourself you are so sure of. Might be many for a lot of people. The thing I know about myself is (hang on, I am gonna brag through the whole thing) that I am probably the loveliest person alive =P With a heart like no other =D

Just kidding. People who know me, or even read my blog once in a while, know I am a creature of extreme emotions. And you know that time when you find out that a friend you like very much, probably love like anything, loves you back, and is as afraid of losing you as you are of losing her?

It makes my heart beat stronger. And the light in it grow brighter

Because, you know what. My absence has never counted much. Like no matter how much I give; my time, my love, my sincerity, care, laughter… It never remains. Maybe it’s part of my personality.

Sad, no?

Oh enough of the old damsel in distress. When a drop of happiness lays itself in me. My soul explodes. I multiply it a thousand times and spread it all around. I have to. It’s my nature. I cannot smile alone. Then, as last night I lay smiling sadly on the sofa, my mind was buzzing with emotions and memories of all kinds. I think its time to accept things. Like the end of fate. Like the truth of solitude. Let’s embrace happiness in it’s most innocent form. A friend telling a friend that.. don’t leave.. things won’t ever be the same without you. Gosh my ears never heard these words before. No matter how much I yearned for them. No matter how much I deserved them.

One word of love and I keep it with me forever, I cherish it, I tend it, I keep it alive in my heart forever. All it takes is one word of true and pure love to have me in your debt forever

I am insane yes, but you will never get anything more sane out of me. Not more than this ey =P

So, hey, I am going to bed. Because I pretty much have nothing to do except stare at moi books as if I am gonna know stuff telepathically. This post stinks anyways

Ciao Ciao !



4 thoughts on “Sane Insanity

  1. “You’re an amazing writer and you’ll always be missed.”
    Here you go Haibar ;)
    We might be two complete strangers but our words have the power to bind us in some sort of unimaginative connection.
    People just won’t ever want to open up, they just won’t expose their tender part for they think it makes them vulnerable. We ought to give them a chance eh? :)
    Don’t worry, a beaming heart like yours will never fail to melt a few cold flakes around ;)
    Thumbs up!!

    • Thank you very much for coming around, I am sorry I was away fer a while ter reply.

      People open up alright, we all want to talk to someone about is kind of a basic pathology =P The fact is that our heart is too close to us and is too loud to look past… Hum mun k darya me doobey… kesi nayya.. kia munjhdhaar =)

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