Just rambling, nothing important

I never used to press my clothes at home. Never. We had a maid or mom would get her lovely daughter’s work done =D But, of course.. things are different being away from home, on my own. I don’t even mind it anymore. It’s fun.

So. I pressed an ultra new dress. Black and so deep green. I never used to wear black so much, but now I just wear black all the time (it looks nice =D) I have to go some place tomorrow and well I even painted my nails black (how weird is that). I just ate a big platter of croquettes with my friend (I fried them). I am just so excited about tomorrow ! (some kind of a ceremony) and I hope things go okay, because whenever I am over excited about stuff…something drops from the heavens to scare me. Huff

Today, when I was at college (doing some paperwork that had me stuck in this city for over a week, alone) I was sitting with this girl, who is like not my friend but a distant acquaintance (friend of a friend who has all her classes with me). While we were waiting, she said that hey Haibar, you don’t mind if I say something. I was like, I might but go ahead. She said normally I looked strict and like stuck-to-rules-kind-of-a-girl who is so difficult to be friends with. I was like (eyebrow pinched up), okay.. and then she said that now that she had spent the whole day with me, she found out that I was so different. So soft and understanding. It’s so good to just sit with you and talk. I could never have believed it before, Now I know why (name of a friend) speaks so highly of you. 

I was dumbfounded, literally. Never before had a stranger said that to my face. I just bowed my head and started filling my forms, murmuring a small thank you.

I have been smiling the whole day, as if I wore some sort of invisible shield and everything just bounced off it.

Oh well. We all like to be praised lol, but believe me…

Writers and poets are a bit desperate =D

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