Good old Stephanie

You guys remember Stephanie? My lovely old neighbor… I am sitting in her brand new home and brand new elite class bedroom and she is pouring herself in me.. all the good old stuff.. her new friends and everything.. I really miss her.. Today I miss everything

And I am not going to pretend I am happy. Last few days I have been doing that. Literally.. you know… trying to keep my nose in my studies.. Ignoring the pains in my arm that well.. are getting worse day by day… I dunno what’s happening I don’t care..

I know it is of no use to post this rattle in-front of faceless strangers, I am perfectly capable of living my life on my own.. without..people. You know.. My life is such a mathematical formula.. a stupid equation.. I have known this thing for so long, I just don’t know why but there are always a fixed number of people who can be closer to me, I try to tamper with that number.. something happens. Something always happens..

Maybe none of this is real.. Yeah.. nothing I say will make any difference.

I am going to have pizza now. I don’t feel like talking to anyone.

Never did I give up on fate like this

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