Thoughts and a tired mind

Exhausted after studying. 2 am in the morning. Tired but can’t sleep.

It is well, so true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. With every experience you mature, every blow turns out some unknown part and makes you much harder. It’s as if you change after every piece of test life puts infront you.

And what do I feel after it all..


It feels as if I have aged tens of years. I look at things which such a sober perspective. Looking at someone and something I would go all been there, been there a long while agoOlder diary entries seem so juvenile and…so stupid. Worrying over small things. Fussing over the worthless… Making foolish plans, having so many dreams..

You know..sometimes you take your dreams and hand them over to someone. Thinking they would cherish it too. Just as if you pull a piece from your heart and so foolishly put it in someone’s hand. And they don’t know what a great thing they’ve got. They don’t know how long and how close have you held it. All these times you were just looking at their hands that held the dream you gave them. One distraction, one foolish jerk and they let it fall. And let it crash. In a million little pieces. In a million little shards

Why blame them.. they aren’t supposed to know you.. At the end of the day it is your fault, for you separated it from you, hoping it would live and let it lie with… strangers..

Now that a dream is broken.. let’s cry. Tear ourself away and go away from this world for a while. But sober up on this loss real soon, for the time flies away.. and the world is full of dreams. Let’s find a new one. A new reason to live again

Let’s go out and find a new dream, Just the two of us =)