There are always those people..


This is just something I think all the time, and its late and heart feels heavy as I nearly broke my hip, slipping over wet tiles. Oh great life

There are always some people, you know, will never turn their back on you. I am not talking about parents here. Okay. I mean whatever, you know they will be with you no matter what the world might turn into. Why? You just know that. Maybe they said that to you, in one careless moment when they did not know that themselves. They meant it then. Then time went on. We all meet people. Sands of the new roads make our promises dusty and before you know.. they leave you.. hanging there. You are caught up in that old promise and perhaps they made better ones with someone else. Or maybe things just change.. for no reason. Just because of the clock alone ticking away on your wall.

It’s just.. life changes after the very people you love just…no longer care for you anymore. Your perceptions change, the very way you view relations and friendship changes. Then no matter what you do.. they won’t come back. In the time you were making up your mind you lose so much. Yes the sun will rise. Yes we all go on. Yes we find new smiles. Life never stops. But the dead haunt you.. haunt you forever

Is it worth it? Breaking a friend’s heart just because you have a better life now? Just because your life is complete and you think that wallflower is no longer needed you just throw her out? Or keep pushing her away until one day she just disappears from your world entirely?

…You must have a great conscience, love.