Medicine: Year 2


GOD I have been putting off SO much and now HELL I have to write this because, OCD or what, this thing is bugging me. I never wrote the new year thingy, I never gave away all the awards I got, not did I ever even write on the fact that I hit 100,000 hits, like a month back

So now. I will

First of all lemme mention all my friends and people I read on WP

And forgive me, they ain’t in any particular order

The White Pumpkin

And I am so so sorry if I missed out anyone. It is freezing cold out here and internet in my building is awful..

And my buddies need to wait for my next post, as I confess my love to them individually =D <3

Anyways. First thing’s first

I started my blog on April 8, 2010. Within two years I got so much love and appreciation from my friends and otherwise and my views and readers just kept shooting. Miracle or what I thank all of you. You guys, are amazing. And tell me what good writer isn’t? You write from your heart and leave me astounded.  Some of you are poets, some practice prose (my love), some write passages and some pour themselves out in their diaries. Some of you are all of this and so much more. It’s like my dream family in which everyone is a writer, and so WP becomes a home. And I am a lousy member… I am sorry. I have my hands in all kinds of dough and college is tiring. I have lost so many people in here because I just cannot blog the way I used to, Write the way I did. But still. I love you guys. And so many of my friends started blogging a little while after I did and great going all of you. I am glad you joined me in here. Thank you for seeing me through my two years. I turned 17, I turned 18, I turned 19. Well.. technically I froze at the age of 109 but shhh, let’s leave it to that

I do hope you all continue this journey with me. For I know one thing in this world more than anything. It’s writing. I am becoming a doctor but I can never leave it behind me. Writing is like breathing. I’ll stop the day I die {And death is not that far away. Since my exams result come out any second.. =( }

Happy new year people. All you guys and grandpas have a great life =)

Aye =D



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