Karmic Infections


I am always punished for every single bad word that comes out of my mouth, a single wrong thing I do. God has put fifty angels around me that keep noting everything I say or do and baam! I get punished.

And guess what happened this time

Okay. I have a friend who devours chocolate like anything. Then there is another who is extremely superstitious about it. She thinks that chocolate causes ear pain. And I made fun of that thing for four whole days

Guess what

Fifth day, I got the most massive ear infection there was.

I have been crippled for two weeks. My ear kept ringing with pain and it kept me up at night, it kept me in a really foul mood and all crappy and grumpy. And then the antibiotics were so heavy that they literally brought me to my knees. One push and I would vomit my lunch out (now none of my friends know about that part, shh). College was hazy and I have really sensitive ears. So. Past two weeks God taught me a really good lesson. I have been banging doors, popping pills, cursing walls. Gah

Anyways ! Now that I am well and okay, I guess I better start writing, for that is the only significant thing about me. But as I was walking towards the doctor’s place and coming back down that road back to my building, it felt..strange.. I didn’t have my cell on me.. hell I didn’t even have my wallet (we med students get the check up free). Who would I call? Call and say hey look I am not okay..  Not mom.. she gets too worried. I guess I was just missing her and Dad. And as I poured the drops in my ears and gobbled up the meds, I closed my eyes and sent an apology out in the air. Let it float, let it sway, Maybe something good will come back my way.

But you know, at the end of the day as I pull the covers over me and look up and think about it all, this just shows He’s watching over me and loves me enough to teach me when I cross the lines. And He is ONE Tough Teacher

And it feels good to be loved =)

See ya



4 thoughts on “Karmic Infections

  1. Jag says:

    Hey. I was watching an episode of Elementary here in the States. “States” because one comment I read suggests you may be located in some other part of the world. I don’t suppose you know the premise of Elementary, but it’s a rather interesting spin on Sherlock Holmes & Watson. It also demonstrates brilliance of the mind, intricacies and complexity of human behavior as well as the shadow side we all possess, which some may refer to as darkness. Anyway, at the end of this episode I was just watching Sherlock has been sober for one year. His friend gives him a framed poem written in calligraphy by Robert Frost, and in my search for this poem via Google images I found the neatest photo bringing me to this blog post.

    I can’t tell you how glad I am to have found myself here. However, I wanted to ask you something regarding that signature drawing or painting of yourself, if it is just that. Do you view yourself as depicted in the picture?

    I am looking forward to reading more of your writings for a few reasons. I find your your honesty refreshing and your grasp on things most have bliss unknown knowledge of to be a blessing. Thank you.

    • No, I do not view myself so, I am a writer I am nothing else, not a painter, not a sketcher, nothing more. I can use words to depict myself but never a sketch. A pencil doesn’t work like that fer me.

      I am sorry for the delay in the reply, but thank yer fer stopping by and I am praying yer will come again =)

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