Balderdash Thoughts

Two years !


Now this is cool.

Two years ! It has been two years writing online, two years giving less and less time to my journal, two years since all that stuff that happened in my life that compelled me to just escape and start my life over and again! God ! It has been two years since I sat down and wrote that it was the crappiest thing I ever felt, time flies man, but it seems as if I have been here for forever and ever ey !

I met the most beautiful people here. Ever since I started blogging 8 other friends and acquaintances started doing so and not to mention the people who have kept a secret from me and either they think I don’t know or they are just waaay too insecure.. Sorry =D

Anyways. I am not going to write a big old post here. Nobody wants to know about that. Just thank yer everyone for being there for me. Although a lot of them drifted apart but..hey..change is the only permanent thing in nature. I’m beginning to understand that. So thank you Muki and Billy and Anne and Stance and Alfa and Bubbly and so many people for just being there for me.

I am sorry for everything.

And thanks everyone for reading all that I put here. Most of it is crude and unrefined. Writing is the ONLY thing I know. The only thing I can do without being afraid or being unsure about. I hope this doesn’t stop. I hope, you know, this Purple thing doesn’t get lost in all the yellow =)

I know this post is pathetic.. but well I got fever. Karmic infections, damn yoou

Love, Haibar


7 thoughts on “Two years !”

  1. Good morning, Haibar. Perhaps it is not morning where you are. But you have visited my writing so I am glad to stop by yours. You celebrate 2 years today. Happy birthday. 2 years ago today, I suffered a serious injury that sent me to surgery and rest and there I discovered blogging. So…I guess we are birthday buddies. And I do so love yellow, but not plain yellow. There must be something mixed in that reminds me that there is beauty other than yellow. In that, as in this page, there is truth. God’s blessings.

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