Balderdash Thoughts

I tried, believe me I did


I simply do not get people. Seriously speaking. And by ‘get’ I don’t mean I don’t understand them or even know them. Believe me. I can tell a person’s thoughts just by looking at him for a few minutes. I can assess what’s going on in the head of all those around me if you give me one conversation with them, Silent or verbal, doesn’t matter. I ignore them. That’s my choice, it’s none of my business so I just walk away

People are so great. They would turn their back on me after all I ever did. I mean hell, half of them never knew about good books, or blogging, or so much other stuff until I came along and one moment of glory and poof, everything in forgotten. I don’t mean I need to be put on some pedestal and draped in gold and silver.. It’s just stings to know. I worked all my life. Read and tried so hard and it is now I am called or known as a writer. Two days writing and I have ‘writers’ springing in every corner of my building.

Yeah I am bitching.

But then you know. I can always curse people. It works =/

But then karma is a better friend =)

You suck

Sayonara !


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