Few words to say

-with no expression, and nothing to express

Staring into sunshine

It just feels…vacant. It’s like staring into the space, feeling empty and mindless. Nothing getting in. Just looking but not really seeing anything. Not feeling the soothing sun, not hearing the dancing wind. Nothing

Not sad

…just vacant


4 thoughts on “-with no expression, and nothing to express”

  1. Yeah sometimes the feeling of nothingness prevails and it kinda dumps the whole optimistic mode that was gruesomely hard to maintain. Still, one can only be patient with this vacant hole that digs inside, from time to time..

  2. …this is exactly how I feel …….emptiness …emotionless sometimes…..sometimes ..flooded with thoughts and at the other moment ….vaccated …left by myself …all alone despite having everyone around. ND ..you beautifully described it …

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