30th November (III)

I like testing people. I do it all the time. Everyday. Every other moment. Sometimes its obvious. Sometimes it’s subtle. Sometimes I get them to fail, no matter what. My test, My rules. It’s a crazy world up in my head.

Why ramble on into a huge story of what happened or what didn’t? It was such a long while ago. It was a good day, I was born. Dad Mom Sis were happy. They still are. I too am a lot happier. Crap goes on, I deal with it, Crap comes back, I hit it. People get crap in them, I get a blow. First I used to help them out of it.. now I pretty much shove it in their faces and leave.

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me B-)

Happy birthay to me

9 thoughts on “30th November (III)

  1. ‘First I used to help them out of it.. now I pretty much shove it in their faces and leave.’hahahhaha!!!:P

    HapPy BiRthDayYyYyY!!:D…suppose kr lo abhi 30th november k 12:00 bjy hain:P Happy BIrthday:D:D:D:D

  2. An Out cast ! says:

    Its too late to wish u a birth now, probally i ll do tat next year now.When u say u test ppl, can u plz explain ur point of referance? And i think its a bit unjustified wen u say “my test” “my rules”. Who do u get to fail em…! It ll be interesting to know and r u putting them to trail under ur rules?

    • Sonic boom says:

      U dont needa know me really to answer maah question. U r a bloger mate, n not all the blogers know there commentors … Isnt it enough tat “i know u” ok i ll give u a clue …i lost something in ur home town !

      • Woa, cool down dude, that’s not what I meant

        Your question was quite elaborate and required a really lengthy answer and I am not so sure I would’ve done any justice ter it. Laziness on my part too. I test people on regular basis, the moment they try to connect with me I ask a simple question to try and figure them out. Or sometimes I go to great lengths. Depends on the person, the time, the relationship.

        I hope this satisfies you a bit, Sir or Miss

        Goodluck with whatever you lost, I dunno you still

        Thanks for reminding me I am a blogger =D

        and as for my commentators… I usually know them all

        Peace =)

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