Some things are just not good for you, but are great for others

Anti social Fb crap

Social networks are great. Movie Theaters are great. Expensive restaurants are great. Less expensiveones are awesome. Going to them with friends is great. Making lots of friends is great. Talking is great. People and what they do is just..great

But I hate all of this and all of them. I despise it all. It makes the very gut of mine twist and turn and go purple.

We have this page on fb, that says “Humans of —(my college)” and all I see is pictures and quotes of bunch of *famous* people from our college and everyone acting as if they give a shit. I mean they are famous already now we have a page to celebrate them. Now I remember why I left fb. I don’t hate them, per say..but there is a limit to all the crap and pretending and lying we do everyday. Get real for once and get a life (it’s rich, coming from me)

I joined goodreads recently. And I don’t fancy it..much. It’s a social network of sorts and it’s great I agree. But everyone’s talking on it and I dunno, I feel like lost in a traffic with cars honking around me and I am standing amidst the clamour with no idea where to exit. Maybe we don’t like to know if a lot of people out there are better than us and are doing great or are just..there, maybe it’s just me. I value reading a lot. Books are all I had and have. My parents kept me away from people my entire life on strict purpose. My mom has this theory that children who take a lot of interest in affairs of elders end up as dumb, worthless, no-good boneheads.

And she has a lot of evidence to back it up

All my anti-social behaviour is credited to her and of-course my Dad.

And my sister

And my grandpa

And Thomas Hardy

It’s a lot of things that make us who we are. The childhood, the upbringing, the mommy daddy issues, our very nature, the experiences, the lack of experiences. We are not all bad. No matter how much people vex me, they all have wars of their own to fight. I respect that. And I esp respect the people who don’t pretend around me. If they don’t like me they don’t bother and in return I don’t help them out during the exam session

Na. I do…

I don’t blame them if they give me glares or act as if I’m invisible. It’s rude but who cares. I am weird too. I usually stick my tongue out at total strangers and glare at any guy who dares to step in one mile radius

Crazy is the new normal, ey =)



5 thoughts on “Some things are just not good for you, but are great for others

  1. Ema Khan says:

    Haha dude I so agree. The page turned out to be a big let down. I thought the idea of the page was to capture everyone’s random ‘human’ element. U know, genuine, vulnerable, real. :) Instead, it’s just a bunch of know hows giving their own revised and pretentious declarations of life and stuff. Funny isn’t it. When u live in a social design based upon appearances, I suppose everything takes the same color.

    • I could not agree more. I can see when it started it had a positive spin about it but then it went like yawn, same old same old twenty people =)

      Thanks for coming by. Much much appreciated and I by no means meant any direct offense ter like anyone

  2. Momina says:

    This comment is not gonna be approved or whatever but you at least will read it, hence commenting. :P GR is not for you to get lost in midst the talking people. The talking people are everywhere. Down with the talking people! It’s a place where WE can connect!! :P Which is good!! :P Which means absolutely nothing but is GOOD! :P GOOD I SAY!! :P So I don’t know and care about whatever you said here about being whatever you are ( :P ), all I know is you are NOT leaving GR! :P It’s at least a site that makes sense. Like keeping a database of all the books you’ve read and recording your initial or retrospective impressions of them. I mean I know there are many GR celebrities (I’ve added quite a few) and even while they are busy hero-worshiping each other, I can still benefit by getting to know about books that I didn’t know existed before. So, even if it gets me all depressed first, it’s good. :P GR is good. We’re good. It’s all good! :P :P :P Bye. :P

    P.S. juju… :P

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