Balderdash Thoughts

Wheels on the bus go round and round..


Time passes. There are all sorts of clichéd ways to say it. But the fact remains ey, it passes. Simply and truly

I was taking the bus ride to home yesterday and I knew I would not be the same after this very moment. It would pass and it would be gone. I felt the same way when I was going to apply for Medical three years ago. I felt that slight terror and sense of a new horizon as I filled out that form. Funny, I felt that slight trembling and quickening of heartbeat all the years I went to school, the day I found out I could write, the day I met the one person I could really see, the one day I gave my first speech, the day I first wrote and acted in a play. I had the same feeling when I stopped doing all of that. Became more virtual than real. The same exact feeling when my kids went to America, one by one

And as I got off the bus, and saw my mother, my sick, worn out mother, as I talked to my kid growing so fast that I can barely recognize her, I feel the same rapid heartbeat. As if I’m standing on the crossroads and I need to make a choice again. Crossroads are one of the most thrilling parts of my life. I cherish when they arrive. Pain happiness love hate, it’s all overrated. It all passes but the regret of the wrong decision remains. And I’ve made my mind


A big part of my life has begun. I feel as if I have waken up after sleeping for a long while. I have so many things to do. Exams to prepare for, not just regular exams, exams I care about. I have research, electives, courses, conferences etc to attend. It’s a whole new journey. It’s just like first day I decided to make a blog, the first day I decided to just, let go. I knew things would change

And they change again as I commit to a new horizon

We’ll see

skipping away


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