Last Week of College. Thoughts? #1

I have been walking for over two hours, all around my building, out on the road that runs in the colony, blind alleyways that lead towards houses of people I never cared enough to know (still don’t). I have been walking in all the corridors and visiting every nook and cranny of this crummy little place I spent the last five years at. Tomorrow I might go do the same thing with my college, for it is the last week of my student life. It’s ending, it’s all gonna be over by the end of this week…and I haven’t got a clue to what am I supposed to feel.

And I am not hurrying anything, nor am I trying to repress. It’ll come when it’s time. And I’ll be there to face it, armed with a paper and pen. Come, have at me. Let’s see what you got.

I don’t care anymore if anything I write is ever read again, less than I ever cared, anyhow. If it’s grammatically correct anymore, or if it makes any sense. I am just gonna put it out there and let it be. No corrections, no drafts, no rechecks, no careful sentence construction (haha), no artistic tomfoolery. Blehblahbluhbleeblahblah.

So it’s ending! It’s over ! All there’s left is a buttload of exams and then that would be it! Then I’d step into the so-called PRACTICAL LIFE, I’d be starting to work as a functioning Physician! I mean, I’d be hoping to. I’m gonna start paying my dues and rock and roll with the workforce, so to speak!

And I have been thinking and thinking so hard that I felt that the capillaries in my brain would burst and blood would run down my nose and drip on my shirt.

But that’s for later.

You know what.

Maybe I will recheck my next post.