The State of Unease

When is a person most vulnerable? When is it possible to tear down all their defenses and annihilate them from within​? When is it the right time to dissolve the very glue that holds them together? When and where can you touch them so they frizzle away because they’re but one giant exposed nerve? When? How? 

Now is just the right time if you wanna come at me. I’m exposed, I’m frightened, I’m alone and I’m confused. Now is just the right time. Because as soon as I figure this out, you’ll lose your window.

Tick tock my ghouls..

Tick tock.


One thought on “The State of Unease

  1. In a world of offensive security and hacking your words can be put this way.
    My firewall is off, there are no anti-virus running on me, My window is not updated to the lastest patch, my all ports are open, there are no IDS and IPS to trigger any counter attack on you if you just hack into me. but very soon my security will be up so hurry up and exploit me.

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