Blogawards 2011. Lookie here people…

People people people, I am in a situation. I am so.. nervous. So.. Um.. I am there for the Blog awards 2011 (Pakistan) and this sounds so funny when I have to ask people for VOTES. so there. I am doing so, I will really really really appreciate if you dash and give me a… Continue reading Blogawards 2011. Lookie here people…

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Anger: Thou cometh again

Indignation and anger. They are the things that have the power to unleash all the suppressed feelings I possess. They have the ability to charge each and every pore of my body and flush my fair cheeks scarlet. I can feel blood rushing to my face and the adrenaline surge clearing my view. I am… Continue reading Anger: Thou cometh again

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Grave of the Fireflies

My house was burning And I sat. Sat overwhelmed. Sat numb and pale. I just sat there. Sat watching everything burned away. I saw Dad's picture eaten up by dancing yellow and orange flames. I saw Mom's ornaments smashed on the hard floors. I saw the tablecloth I made last month stained with blood of… Continue reading Grave of the Fireflies

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Ene ende abeba negn

Nice guys finish last that's why I'll treat you like- (click it) Ahoy there! The biggest problem with me and my writing is the word 'Mood' I'll have plenty of drafts saved during bad-days but no, I cannot post them until the mood the feelings rekindle and come back. At the moment? This is the fourth try.… Continue reading Ene ende abeba negn

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Well I do sketch, at times

I think it is time to relate few stories or time I am spending at my Uncle's and around. Feel good. Feel great I have been drawing and sketching a lot. And a lot means a lot. Drawing all sorts of mythical creatures.. Phoenix, dragons, Unicorns blah blah blah. Feel so good. And when I… Continue reading Well I do sketch, at times

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And I do have a distant friend

I have said a lot about wind, talked ample about her. Every thing I create, everything I feel, There has to be wind. There has to be something having even the remote relationship to her. To My friend who whispers through it And I am back again, to pursue the topic. I get up early… Continue reading And I do have a distant friend