Medicine: Year 3, Tales of Two

Tale of Calamine Lotion and Quiana

I live next door to a beautiful paranoid brainiac. So the tale goes this way that she had a mild skin reaction on her neck. It was mild at first, but then it turned into this monster that attacked parts of her face. Next thing we know, there are screams and paranoia everywhere =D We… Continue reading Tale of Calamine Lotion and Quiana

Tales of Two

Sebastian and Leah: Illusions

It is a great night, more cooler than it should be. The summers are parting and winters are headed this way. I sat in the endless corridor, with my cup of tea and a notebook in my hand. I gotta finish studying this topic by midnight. I gotta get over it by midnight But do… Continue reading Sebastian and Leah: Illusions

Short Stories, Tales of Two

And all I loved, I loved alone

And so hollow does it feel. With every breath I intake I can feel my deserted insides. As if someone carved out the contents, leaving me void and vulnerable. Yes, it felt like that. I could feel the wooden shavings lying around me, chipped off from a wooden body, undoubtedly my own, so painfully my own....I might have… Continue reading And all I loved, I loved alone