Happy Ramadan !

It’s here ! The blessed month of fasting !

Oh Allah, I promise I will try my level to be good and pious. Pray with my whole heart and let go of all you forbid from. Please grant me the power to shun all the bad deeds. May I hurt no one, may I say no bad word to anyone. May I don’t backbite. May I don’t even think bad about anyone. May I be even humble and be even forgiving (which, believe me, is not my speciality). Please help me watch my temper (because Mom has to deal with it, and I end up hurting her) Please Allah ! Wash away each and every of my sins by the end of this holy month. And may this month leave something so great in my soul.¬†

And please, help us all, by the blessings of this month, please help all the Muslims being martyred around the world. And protect us from those who befoul the religion under false pretence, from those who use the name of the religion to carry on their hideous deeds. Bring peace to all of us.

Plus, help me survive by dusk, It’s too hot you know.. =D

Love you Allah ! Keep watching over me !

Happy Ramadan, guys and grandpas !